Social Behaviour


Fin whales reach full physical maturity at 25-30 years, although females reach sexual maturity and begin reproducing from 3-11 years of age. Typically, females reproduce every 2-3 years, and give birth most commonly to a single calf. After a gestation period of 12 months, a newly-born calf can measure up to 6.5 metres and can weigh around 2 tonnes (1,800 Kg)! As far as we know, fin whales can live up to 94 years with an average life of 90 years.



These large marine mammals can be found in oceans world-wide, ranging from tropical to arctic regions. However, the highest density of fin whales occurs in more temperate/cooler waters, and they also seem to prefer deeper waters to shallow areas. Migration patterns of the whales are not well understood – especially on the Pacific coast of North America. Some whales have been documented residing year-round in the Gulf of California, while others migrate from Northern/Arctic regions for feeding during the summer months, to more southerly latitudes during the fall and winter.